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What Comes Next is dedicated to sharing sad, hilarious and life-changing stories,  reflections, experiences, advice and ideas with you — all with the hopes that it makes you laugh, and maybe makes you think twice.

This blog is for any millennial who’s going through a life transition, working to figure themselves out, having a quarter life crisis, struggling to find something they are passionate about, not getting what they want out of their post-grad freedom and everyone and every situation in between.

I see you out there, and I appreciate what you’re going through. I am one of you. Let’s grow together.


Our content will always be vulnerable, honest and rooted in realness. No bullshit. We also aren’t afraid to speak up for what we believe in.


Photo by Kanisha Szekely.

When I finished my five-year degree I immediately got a job, moved out shortly after and settled down with someone. I was doing everything right, and my life was good, but I wasn’t in a good headspace and I hadn’t been for a long time. But there was this part of me that refused to settle for how I felt about myself (not great) and it drove me to read tons of books and articles, do a lot of self reflection, go to therapy and make some serious changes in my life. No matter what life threw at me, I knew I had to be relentless in my pursuit of self-love and growth. Three years later and I still haven’t given up.

Unsatisfied with the way things are in your head or your life? Good. That means you’re in a place to take charge of what comes next for yourself.  I hope this blog helps you on that journey.

— Raegan Julia Hedley

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